What are Impressions on Fiverr? And How to Get More of Them.

As a Fiverr seller, you want to increase the count of impressions on your gig. Irrespective of your gig category, the more people see your gig, the more they click and the more orders they place.

In this blog post, we will show how you can get your gig in front of many potential buyers.

What are impressions on Fiverr?

Impressions in Fiverr is the count of buyers who saw your gig listed on some internal page. It’s the total of all views your gig gets from the Fiverr homepage, category page, your profile page, etc.

what are impressions on fiverr

For example, if 100 users see your gig listed on the home page, 50 on the category page, and 12 on your profile page per month, the monthly impression count of the gig will be 162.

How to increase impressions on Fiverr?

1. Fiverr gig SEO

The best way to increase Fiverr gig impressions is by ranking your gig on the first page of Fiverr search results for highly specific search filters. And for that you need to master Fiverr gig SEO.

This essentially means you need to find appropriate keywords to be used in your Fiverr gig and placing them strategically across your gig’s meta data. Additionally, adding those keywords to your Fiverr profile description tells the algorithm that all your services are highly centralized around the gig category relevant to the keyword.

For example, if you want to target sellers looking for content writers from the United States who write about the US tax laws, use keywords like – US content writers, tax experts, tax writers, etc. That’s the essence of Fiverr gig SEO.

By using those filters, your Fiverr gig appears on the first page of search results. This will help you get more impressions on Fiverr which may convert into clicks and orders.

2. Promoting your gigs

Promoting your gigs through social media and other channels helps your gig be seen by more people. It generates a large number of impressions, however, the click through rate might be lesser than when compared to impressions on Fiverr.

It helps you tap into a whole new market outside of Fiverr.

3. Staying online often

Use the Fiverr app to stay online as long and as frequently as you can. Fiverr allows buyers to set filters to include only those sellers who are online. You can make it to the top of list for such buyers thus boosting your impression count.

4. Maintaining a high response rate

Fiverr exists to serve the buyers. The happy buyers are with your services, the more people Fiverr shows your gig to. A high response rate indicates that you give special attention to buyer satisfaction which Fiverr values.

How to increase fiverr gig impressions

5. Ensuring top quality service to get good ratings

Fiverr ratings are a strong indicator of how happy people are with your services. It’s an important factor that Fiverr considers while ranking your gig. If you’re able to maintain stellar ratings, you are bound to compel Fiverr to rank you high. A better ranking gets you seen by more people thus generating more impressions.

6. Responding to buyer requests

Buyer requests is the most popular way to get orders on Fiverr. It lets you reach out to the highly relevant buyers without having to wait for them to reach out to you. By responding to buyer requests, you get seen by a lot of relevant buyers.

7. Using this advanced tip

Most experience sellers use the method of blog outreach to get more impressions to their gigs. They reach out to popular bloggers and ask them to link to their gigs, these blogs gets a lot of traffic that usually trust the blogger, thus their proclivity towards clicking on your gig will be higher.

How many impressions are good on Fiverr?

90 impressions on a Fiverr gig per day is ideal. At a 8% click-through-rate (CTR), you will get 7 clicks. With a 14% average click-to-conversion rate, you will score 1 order per day. Based on your capacity to handle orders, you need to target an impression count. 

For example, if you can target 2 orders a day, then you need 180 impressions.

Why Your Fiverr gigs get no impressions?

Fiverr impressions heavily rely on your Fiverr gig SEO, your profile SEO, average reviews, response time, orders completed, and much more. In fact, some parameters like country of origin and languages you speak, also impact your gig rank. 

The reason for no impressions on Fiverr could be poor ratings, very broad niched gig category, highly competitive gigs, poor gig SEO, among other factors.

Why Your Fiverr gig impressions drop?

Your impressions could be dropping on Fiverr because of poor ratings. Low ratings have a negative impact on where the algorithm ranks your gig.

Additionally, new sellers get many impressions initially when Fiverr tests their performance in terms of conversion, responsiveness, and order delivery time. But, if the new gig does not meet the threshold criteria, the ranking drops, and so do impressions. This means, your deliveries, especially the first 10 should be top notch, not just in terms of actual services but also around communication with sellers.

Irrespective of your gig category, you must understand the buyer’s approach to hiring on Fiverr. Learn more.


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