Best SEO Agencies in Liverpool

And what makes them the best.

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1. Heart IT

Heart IT has been around for a good 9 years in the digital marketing space of Liverpool. They work with clients across Europe and the US.

SEO Services

Heart IT offers the below services:

1. Local SEO

2. Organic SEO

3. SEO Boosts

4. SEO Consultancy

5. SEO masterclass – An SEO DIY session

6. Backlinking – Not highlighted on their website, just subtly mentioned.

There is no indication if this SEO company provides technical SEO services.


This Liverpool based SEO firm has 61 reviews on Google with all but one being 5-star. We see a high percentage of 5-star reviews as a scammy approach as reviews can be bought but Heart It’s profile seems clean. 

Only 5 reviews are pertinent to SEO while 16 are to web design. It’s fair to assume that website design might have involved an element of website optimization for search.

The agency is fairly responsive on its Google map pack listing which indicates a decent inclination towards efforts in maintaining a brand image. Overall, the clients talk highly about the value they offer for what they charge, friendliness, professionalism, and the quality they deliver.

They do not have reviews on clutch.


Though Heart IT recommends signing up for a 3-4 month contract, which is a fair ask given how long SEO takes, they accommodate monthly retainers.

They do not have ready-to-use packages but it seems that they work with industries with budgets as tight as £100 per month to as liberal as £2000 per month.

Pros and Cons


1. Good with customer retention indicating a high degree of customer satisfaction

2. They have a design focussed approach that improves UX, and thus SEO.

3. Heart IT serves many industries spanning the B2B and B2C spectrum.

4. Few SEO agencies talk about CRO or an RoI-driven approach. That’s where Heart IT stands out.

5. They cater to one-off SEO efforts with what they term SEO boosts. It’s a big differentiator in an industry that thrives on monthly retainer plans.


1. Small team of 6 – reliant on freelancers

2. Not focussed on specific industries. A small team needs to cater to a more niche audience.

Our Verdict

Heart It is a well-established SEO agency from Liverpool. They are suited for both small and large businesses but given their small team size, they rely on freelancers to meet commitments and deadlines. It’s common practice with SEO firms but the team is too small to handle large multiple projects effectively.

We give them a 4.5 rating on a 5-point scale.

2. Mayfly Internet Marketing

Mayfly is a Liverpool based SEO agency that has been in business for the past 14 years. It started as a one-man mission but grew into a 9-member strong team that offers many internet marketing services.

Mayfly was recognized as one of the top 3 marketing agencies in Liverpool by Three Best Rated in 2015.

SEO Services

Mayfly has expertise with Hospitals and Healthcare websites, and franchise business models. It indicates that they are adept with websites with complicated structures.

They have also helped many local businesses in generating leads from Google. Their clientele is spread across many industries from events to local restaurants, and many countries from the US to Australia.

They offer these services:

1. Keyword Research

2. Google map pack and Bing listings

3. Technical SEO

It’s not clear if they provide backlinking services. Nothing on their website says that they do.


Mayfly has 34 reviews on Google as of early 2023. However, only 7 of them are evidently from SEO clients. All 34 reviews are 5-star which we usually find shady but we read all of them and they seem legit.

Mayfly has been super-responsive on Google which indicates their care for brand reputation. We see it as an important signal – any SEO company that cares about its brand usually tries to provide stellar services.

Most reviews, however, are skewed toward website design.

Overall, Mayfly seems to have its clients’ trust. Many reviews speak highly about the team and its professionalism.

Ths SEO firm doesn’t have reviews on Clutch.


We couldn’t find pricing details on their website but as per Clutch, they charge £8,000+ for their services. It’s best if you reach out to them directly regarding pricing.

Pros and cons


1. Mayfly has served across a wide range of industries

2. They have experience working with small and midsize businesses


1. Mayfly has a small team of 9. This suggests that it is a regular SEO agency that works with a few clients.

2. It doesn’t really stand-out from the competition. 

3. The price is not confirmed but it really costs £8,000, as Clutch suggests, it’s super-expensive.

Our Verdict

This SEO agency seems to be good at its trade, which should be enough for most small businesses, but we found no compelling reason to choose Mayfly over others.

We give them a 4.3 rating on a 5-point scale.

3. Max Web Solutions

Max Web Solutions has been active for the past 16 years. This SEO agency has served Liverpool and Wirral based clients extensively. Their client-base, in their own words, ranges from eCommerce websites to drainage engineers which highlights their range of experience in dealing with different SEO challenges.

SEO Services

Max Web Solutions’ monthly packages include:

1. Blogging

2. On-Page optimization

3. Backlinking

4. Technical SEO – Page speed and UX improvement

5. Detailed monthly reports


Max Web Solutions has 36 reviews on their Google map pack listing – All of them are 5-star ratings and most of them are legit.


We couldn’t find many details around pricing but this SEO firm charges an initial setup fee which varies from client to client. However, most reviews are for one of the many services they provide – other than SEO.

Overall, this Liverpool based SEO firm is liked by its clients for its professionalism and result oriented approach.

Pros and Cons


Max web provides a dedicated project manager to their clients. It’s one of the key aspects that makes them stand out from the crowd.


This SEO agency is 10 employees strong which might be too less for the range of services they provide across Wirral, Liverpool, and Chester.

Our Verdict

Max web is a good option if you plan to avail local SEO and SEO services in and around Liverpool. This SEO agency has the width of experience but with only 10 employees it might be a challenge to onboard new clients depending upon their current base.

We give them a 4.2 rating on a 5-point scale.

4. Castle International – 29

Castle International (erstwhile Verb Marketing Solution) is an SEO agency in Liverpool which lists Swan, Hilton, and Graham as their clients (all of them may or may not have availed of their SEO services). Founded in 2014, this SEO company has 58 employees and provides many services in addition to SEO.

SEO Services

1. Building an SEO strategy

2. On-Page optimization

3. Building backlinks

4. Technical SEO

5. Monthly reports


Castle has 29 reviews on Google – all of them 5-star rated. They are a mix of all services along with workshops that Castle did but most of them sound genuine. Castle doesn’t have any SEO specific reviews but has a bunch of web design reviews which may or may not cover SEO services.


We could not find any information related to pricing.

Pros and Cons


1. Castle is among the few SEO agencies that talk about strategy and RoI. Their reviews suggest that they are good at that.

2. They provide a dedicated account manager to each client.

2. Forbes recognizes Dean Currall, founder of Castle as a proven leader. He’s a part of the prestigious Forbes network. His history of successful entrepreneurship suggests that his agency knows what it’s doing.

3. They have a good team size to provide all the services they list and to acquire more clients – across industries.


They claim to be ahead of Google algorithm updates which no one can. You never know when an algorithm can hit your website – that happens in spite of following the Google recommended SEO best practices.

Our Verdict

We give Castle International a 4.2 ★ rating. 

5. Marketing the change

Marketing the change is a Liverpool based SEO agency that has been functional for the past 10 years. Located on Ormond St. This agency claims that it has served 800 clients worldwide. SEO and web design are their core services but they also offer paid advertising and social media marketing services.

SEO Services 

Marketing the change offers the below SEO services:

1. SEO Audit

2. Technical SEO – Page speed optimization

3. Content Marketing

4. SEO reporting

There is no indication that this SEO firm provides backlinking services.

This agency helps non-profit organisations and bootstrapped startups establish their online presence. They also work with eCommerce websites and local businesses.


Marketing the change has 32 reviews on Google off which 21 reviews are for their SEO services. All 32 are 5-star reviews and none of them seem to be bought. Most SEO reviews are from clients who sought web design services too.

This Liverpool based SEO firm is known for its professionalism, quality, and responsiveness.


We couldn’t find any information on pricing. Reach out to the firm to get quotes.

Pros and Cons


Marketing the change is among the few SEO companies in Liverpool that offer core SEO services. Web design is another vertical but it is the only all SEO agency in Liverpool worth its salt.


  1. Their website is full of grammar errors. Sure it doesn’t impact the services they offer but it indicates a lack of care for their own brand.
  2. They are a very small team of 4. It’s very tight for them to accommodate new clients. They have support from an agency though.

Our Verdict

This SEO agency has good reviews and seems to be among the few agencies that focus on core SOE. However, a lack of transparent pricing, a poorly maintained website, and a small team size gets them a 

4 rating on a 5-point scale.

Comparison – Best SEO Companies in Liverpool in 2023

SEO CompanyOverall RatingSEO Services RatingPricingWebsite
Heart IT4.5 4.5 £100 – £2,000Click here
Mayfly Internet Marketing4.3 4 £8,000+Click here
Max Web Solutions4.2 4.1 UnknownClick here
Castle International4.2 4.3 UnknownClick Here
Marketing the change4 4.2 UnknownClick here
SEO Agencies in Liverpool – 2023 Comparison