Best SEO Companies in Dubai – 2023

Best SEO Agencies in Dubai

And what makes them the best.

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1. SEO Sherpa

SEO Sherpa is an award-winning SEO company that has been in business for more than 10 years. It’s one of the rare companies that has built trust beyond SEO services and is known to publish industry level SEO case-studies. They sure have built a strong market reputation.

It’s trusted by more than 250 brands including HSBC, Nissan, Amex, and more.

SEO Services

SEO Sherpa seems to be among the handful of agencies that helps you analyze and maintain your websites’ technical health too. Here are the services they provide:

1. Technical SEO

2. Keyword Discovery

3. Content Creation

4. Link Building

5. Monthly Reporting

Ratings on different platforms

SEO Sherpa boasts of a 4.7 star rating on Google maps across 134 reviews. Based on our analysis, none of the reviews were bought – all of them were super-genuine. 

Most reviews cite the culture of the company, their attention to detail, and ability to really listen to the client requirements irrespective of the potential revenue contribution as the reason for their 5-star rating.

SEO Sherpa did not respond to Google reviews for over a year.

They have 11 5-star reviews on Clutch.

Payment Plans

SEO Sherpa offer 4 payment packages:

1. Standard – $2499 per month (Ideal for small businesses)

2. Premium – $4499 per month

3. Elite – $8499 per month

4. Enterprise – Varies

SEO Sherpa adopts a premium pricing model. You need to subscribe to their services for a 6-month period.

Pros and Cons

1. SEO Sherpa is bound by its own brand name. They have to deliver to keep their reputation intact. They have been featured in major SEO publications due to the quality of content they produce.

2. It has won the Best SEO campaign in 2018 and 2019, and the Best Large SEO Agency award 2020 & 2018 at the MENA search award. Many SEO companies in the list have identified themselves as an award-winning company but only SEO Sherpa talks about the awards they won. Their founder, James Reynolds, is the current MENA Search Personality of the Year

3. They have a wide range of experience across countries and industries. They seem to be especially effective for small businesses.

4. They have a sizable in-house team of 49 which highlights their ability to take up new projects and implement them effectively.


It’s super-expensive for most small businesses. The value of the brand and the quality of their work is probably added to the cost.

2. TopOnSEO

TopOnSEO has been one of the best SEO companies in Dubai for nearly 10 years and they have served 250 brands – SEO and PPC combined.

SEO Services

TopOnSEO provides services across On-Page and Off-Page SEO. But it also seems that they try to align efforts with your strategy and not just for Google rankings.

1. SEO Audit

2. Keyword Research

3. On-Page SEO

4. Off-Page SEO

5. Monthly Reporting

6. SEO Consultancy

This SEO agency does not provide Technical SEO services.

Ratings on different platforms

TopOnSEO has 62 reviews on Google – most of them 5-star. However, we found only 29 of them legit. Most reviews mention the keywords Best SEO in Dubai or some variation of that which is essentially an SEO strategy. Also, it looks like some employees rated the company from an employment perspective – not an SEO perspective. Even still, the agency stands at a solid 5.

TopOnSEO is not rated on Clutch.

Payment Plans

TopOnSEO has 4 payment package that you can choose from:

1. Basic plan – $399 per month

2. Standard plan – $699 per month

3. Elite plan – $1099 per month

4. Enterprise plan – Need to contact them for details.

Overall, for the services offered, we found the agency to be overpriced.

Pros and Cons


1. They provide a wide range of services: Local SEO, International SEO, and Ecommerce

2. Genuine reviews show overall client satisfaction

3. TopOnSEO’s website looks neat which indicates that they can keep yours clean too


1. Too many Google reviews have the keyword best seo agency in Dubai which is one local SEO tactic they used for themselves. Those reviews come across as fake.

2. This Dubai based agency is a tad expensive for the services they provide – especially the Elite plan.

3. BeOnTop

BeOnTop has been one of the top SEO agencies in Dubai since its inception in 2008. They are a certified Google Partner who offer many services before Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Services

They provide on-page and off-page SEO services. This includes:

  1. Content audit
  2. Content writing
  3. Design
  4. Link building
  5. Google map pack optimization through NAP listings

BeOnTop doesn’t cover technical SEO services.

Ratings on different platforms

Google shows 80 live ratings for BeOnTop. They have a net 4.6 stars rating but a big chunk of reviews are from first time reviewers or local guides so we didn’t put much weightage behind that. However, many reviews read genuine. BeOnTop was responsive on Google maps till an year back but not anymore.

The only shortcoming for us was that 68 out of the 80 reviews were 5-star. It’s not a bad thing but we focus mainly on 2-4 rated reviews as they tend to be more legit.

Clutch gives BeOnTop a 5-star rating.

Payment Plans

BeOnTop offers two types of payment terms – Payment after rank and Monthly Payment Strategy. 

The first one lets you pay after you have seen results from the engagement. The agency will work for free until a promised percentage of keywords you provide ranks on Google.

The second payment plan is commonly followed by SEO agencies. You get a customized fee structure based on your requirements and the first month’s fee is supposed to be paid upfront. Additionally, you are required to sign a 6-month or a one-year contract which can be terminated with a one-month notice.

Pros and Cons


1. BeOnTop has been around for 15 years and have worked with different industries as evident from their portfolio.

2. They have ranked their clients for many local keywords as per their portfolio. We checked all the mentioned positions for pertinent keywords – it all looks legit.

3. Their website portfolio looks neat, which indicates that they have a decent design team.


1. This agency is good with local SEO but there is no evidence that it works for service based, B2B, international, or large businesses.

2. Their service page guarantees ranking which is usually a big red flag. No one can assure that unless the keywords being targeted are super easy to rank – in which case it’s better to hire an in-house SEO or a freelancer.


SEO CompanyOverall RatingSEO Services RatingPricingWebsite
SEO Sherpa4.6 5 10,000 – 30,000 AEDClick here
TopOnSEO4.2 4.5 1,500 – 4,000 AEDClick here
BeOnTop4 4 Not AvailableClick here


How much does SEO cost in Dubai?

Even though you can signup with an SEO agency for a few hundred Dirhams, a quality SEO company will cost you anywhere between AED 3,000 and AED 15,000. Most firms in this bucket have great overall ratings across third-party websites.