7 Killer Fiverr SEO tips for new sellers to boost their sales.

Fiverr is a highly competitive platform with sellers across the experience range. It is becoming challenging to stand out from the crowd, getting Fiverr orders is a daunting task but it is not impossible. In this post, we talk about Fiverr gig SEO.

So, how to do SEO for Fiverr Gigs?

Here are top 7 tips to SEO optimize your Fiverr gigs:

  1. Understand Fiverr Algorithm
  2. Don’t compete with Level Sellers
  3. Find your real competition with Fiverr search filters
  4. Think from the buyers’ perspective
  5. Gather keywords manually
  6. Create a word cloud to find the most common keywords
  7. Put a spin on your gig title to stand out from the crowd

Before we touch upon the SEO subject, we will cover some elements that will impact your SEO decisions. Let’s jump into them.

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Understand Fiverr Gig Ranking Algorithm

When the buyer visits Fiverr, they usually type their requirement into the Fiverr search bar. If they do not see relevant results, they will go to another platform. To prevent that, Fiverr has developed an algorithm to qualify good gigs and show them at the top of the search results page.

This algorithm takes into account the keywords used in the gig and the ratings.

What is a Fiverr Keyword? Any words that the buyers enter into the Fiverr search bar is termed as a keyword.

In addition, Fiverr sets every new seller with a set of Goals. If you accomplish them, Fiverr promotes you to Level 1 seller, and then Level 2 seller, going right up to Top Level Seller. This is a badge that certifies you as a trustworthy seller. Fiverr also has Fiverr Pro sellers who have provided stellar service outside the Fiverr platform.

In short, here’s the Fiverr hierarchy:

New Seller -> Level 1 Seller -> Level 2 Seller -> Top Level Seller

Don’t compete with Level Sellers

As stated, Level sellers already have a lot of clout in the form of a Fiverr badge and 5-star reviews. You can’t beat them until you are at their level.

As a new seller, you can only compete on keywords since you do not have many reviews.

Some buyers look specifically for New Sellers as they offer cheaper services, which means you do have a dedicated audience. But in the initial stages, you need to compete solely on price with thousands of fellow new sellers.

Now that you have understood the game, let’s talk about the next in list of Fiverr SEO tips for new sellers.

Find your real competition with Fiverr search filters.

Let’s jump over to Fiverr and see how a Buyer sees the search results. We will assume they are looking for a logo designer.

Fiverr SEO tips for New Sellers - Fiverr Search Page 1

Note that there are about 170,000 gigs that offer logo design. But not all of them are your competition. We will apply Fiverr filters to see gigs from new sellers. 

Fiverr SEO tips for New Sellers - Fiverr Search Page 2

We are now left with gigs from the new sellers who can speak English.

Fiverr SEO tips for New Sellers - Fiverr Search Page 3

And we still have about 118,000 gigs! So, we have to niche down and be more specific about the service. Let’s check the ‘Category’ filter.

Fiverr SEO tips for New Sellers - Fiverr Search Page 4

From there, we selected ‘logo design’, and guess what, we still have hundreds of thousands of sellers.

You can also use Budget and timeline filters to zero down to a niche.

We added a bunch of filters so we are left with 2000 gigs.

These are your real competitors.

Think from the buyers’ perspective.

Now we start getting into the SEO aspect of Fiverr.

We have seen quite a few screenshots from the Fiverr search screen. You now have an idea of how buyers drill down to that one perfect seller. If you want to be that seller, you need to get into the mind of the buyers.

They are hoping to get the best possible services at cheap prices. Anyway, they want to have a log created for them.

So think out, what they might put into the search bar? Maybe ‘website logo designer’, ‘logo design in 24 hours’, ‘website logo in 5$’, the list is endless! You need to try different keywords to understand the buyers’ intent.

Gather keywords manually

Once you have at least 5 such keywords, pop them into Fiverr search and drill them down by putting filters.

For each keyword, pick the top 8 ranking gigs. Take a note of their Gig title, Gig description, Meta Tags used, SEO title used, and FAQ text.

Put them all in a notepad. Do not use any tool to get these keywords because they rarely give an accurate Fiverr keyword search volume. When you do this process manually, you are taking keywords from gigs that are already ranking! There is no doubt that those keywords are working.

Create a word cloud to find the most common keywords

Here’s where things start getting interesting.

The keywords you have saved can give deep insights into the search volume. Plug those keywords into a Word cloud generator of your choice. You can use Monkey Learn’s tool.

We put in some random keywords in the tool and clicked on Generate Cloud.

The word cloud looks like this –

Fiverr SEO tips for New Sellers - Word Cloud

You now have the keyword frequency on the right. This indicates that if a keyword is being used by the top 8 gigs, it must be valuable!

Put a spin on your gig title to stand out from the crowd.

Okay, now that you know what keywords you must include, you can go ahead and use them in your gig.

Make sure you include the most used keywords in the Title and SEO title of the gig. Sprinkle the remaining keywords in other areas like Description, Tags, and FAQs.

But, you need to stand out from the crowd. Sure, you can do it using imagery or videos. But title tends to be an element that stands out to buyers. Use this fact as an opportunity to get innovative with your gig, you already used the keywords that popular gigs use; now try a word that they don’t use.


In this post, we learned how to do SEO of your Fiverr gigs. Unlike with Google, Fiverr gig optimization for SEO doesn’t need backlinks or technical fixing of your gig page. You even need a Fiverr gig keyword research tool, as you can manage with the word-cloud method we shared.

Often, simple keyword optimization is enough. And if you do it the way we suggested, there is a great chance you start ranking higher on the Fiverr search pages.

Now that may take 2-3 months, as search engines take time to index you. Still, you will get some sales in the interim before you blow up.

That’s all folks, you now have some killer Fiverr tips to do SEO as a new seller. Implement them and let us know how it worked.

Please feel free to put a comment below if you have specific questions.


4 thoughts on “7 Killer Fiverr SEO tips for new sellers to boost their sales.”

  1. What if you create a gig but within the 1st three days its ranks well but the fourth day its start deranking what us d solution for it.
    Thank you

    1. That’s a good question Thony.
      How it works is, Fiverr tests your gig first by ranking it high. It checks how people interact with it. If people, do not spend time reading your gig description or they leave your gig page without placing an order, Fiverr demotes the gig ranking.

      The solution is to make Gig more informative. Include as much detail as you can in FAQ sections and include a call to action in the gig description.

  2. This is a great and highly informative content. I’m a toprated fiverr seller but noticed a sharp decline in my rankings since mid 2020. My sales has drastically declined as compared to how I make earnings before. I will however try to utilize these tips and see if things get better.

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