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Why Choose DigiGrow for SEO Services?

DigiGrow is an SEO Agency founded by an SEO Expert. All our SEO specialists are certified and experienced in their field. We aim to provide affordable SEO services to small businesses while providing an awesome RoI.

Goal Oriented Approach

What are the top 3-5 SEO Goals you want to achieve? Do you want more Traffic from Google? More clicks on your products and services, or More calls and conversions? In general more leads through our SEO services? No problem. Our SEO Expert will customize an SEO package based on your goals.

Complete Transparency

With DigiGrow, right from the content you read on this website, to you leveraging our SEO services, you will have a clear picture of what you can expect from us. In fact, you will see what activity is being performed on any particular day of month. We consider your business growth and success as our own.

Monthly SEO Reports

Indeed, SEO can get technical. However, that doesn’t mean we will be throwing jargon at you. Instead, our SEO expert will provide you with a complete report on what our SEO efforts have achieved in a month. You get to see all SEO numbers in one place. This includes, rankings, visits, leads generated, conversions and much more. You will get to see your RoI.

Frequent Communication

We want our clients to experience the best SEO services in Bangalore. Communication is key to SEO process and our SEO experts are well trained in it. Thus, we would like to connect at least once every 2 weeks. However, you get to decide the frequency. We can connect on voice or video call on platform of your choice.

SEO Workflow

Check Out Ingredients of Our SEO Package

Getting started with our SEO services

Do you want to leverage our SEO services? Great! We want to thank you for choosing us.

DigiGrow would never want to let your investment go to waste. Thus, to have your confidence in us, we promise to return your money if we don’t deliver results in 90 days. Be assured, our SEO Experts won’t charge you for the work they didn’t do or the SEO results they didn’t achieve.

  1. As the first step, we request you to book a free quote. Among other details, we capture your website URL. We will provide you with a complete SEO Audit of your website and it’s absolutely free. It will help us analyze your website performance. Within 24 hours, we will share the audit results with you over an introductory call.
  2. Introductory call is a 20-30 min telephonic or video conversation. On this call, we will discuss about your business goals. You and our SEO Expert will agree upon certain SEO goals. Those goals will be used in future to measure success of our SEO experts. Feel free to call us right away.
  3. Next, if we reach an agreement on goals, also known as KPIs, DigiGrow will present to you the Pricing for the SEO Package we customize for you.
  4. Once we agree upon a price, DigiGrow will send you a Proposal. We are in business post that step. Our SEO expert will present you monthly report on the 1st day of every month, even if it’s a weekend. We would want to connect with you once every two weeks over telephonic or video call. However, you get to choose the frequency.

SEO FAQs Answered by SEO experts

Why is it important to rank on first page of Google?

As per an analysis by backlinko only 0.78% click on anything on second page of Google. This means, if you are not on first page, you don’t exist online! As an alternative many businesses spend on Google Ads to appear on page 1. Our SEO Experts help you rank on page 1, without spending on Ads

How can SEO help your business?

In addition to saving on Ad budget, SEO gets Google’s algorithm to trust your website. Thus, Google is more sure about the quality of your website and the value you provide. It shows your content to more people, be it in search pages, Google Maps, or image results. All this brings more leads for your business.

Do you promise #1 ranking on Google?

With SEO, there is no right way to rank but there are many wrong ways. The wrong ways will drop your ranking after Google finds out about it. Since our SEO Experts use only legit ways, also know as white hat SEO methods, we can promise appearing in first page of Google. However, with high probability we claim #1 Ranking is possible.

How long will it take for the SEO results to show?

SEO is a game of patience. At times, the results may show in a couple of weeks, at times it may take 4-6 months. As a benchmark, we recommend a waiting duration of 90 days. In case you are not happy with our SEO services after 90 days, nor do you trust we can rank you in next 30-60 days, we give you can leverage our money-back guarantee.

What makes you affordable?

SEO experts uses a certain set of tools. Those tool help us analyze a variety of metrics related to SEO. However, these tools tend to be expensive. They add to fixed costs. At DigiGrow, we have done a lot of research on how to save cost on tools by manual effort and passing the benefit to our clients. In addition, our SEO Service charges are quite low. There can be no better return for your SEO investment than DigiGrow.