10 Simple Steps to Create a Professional Gig on Fiverr

Learning how to create a Fiverr gig that buyers like is essential to your success in the marketplace. A good gig ranks on the first page of Fiverr gets more clicks and converts them into orders. In this blog post, we will show you the exact steps that will help you make a professional Fiverr gig that earns a sizable income for you.

Your gigs must be attractive in terms of the images you use and answer any questions your buyers may have. The more helpful they appear to the buyers, the more orders you get. Aim to optimize your gigs for SEO to help them reach relevant audiences organically.

So, how to create a Fiverr gig that works?

Follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Align your gig with your profile.

The Fiverr algorithm is designed to provide the most relevant results to a buyer’s search query. It checks for keyword consistency and the gig’s relevance to the profile. You must align your gig with the expertise that you claim on your profile.

For example, if your profile says you have 7 years of graphic design experience, the algorithm will rank your gigs higher if they are in the same category. So if you create gigs under the logo design category, you get SEO brownie points for relevancy, and you rank higher in the search results.

But if you set up a gig to sell music under the same profile – it will not get much visibility. This tweak will help you make money on Fiverr.

2. Create the Fiverr gig around the best SEO practices.

You must do SEO for Fiverr gigs. It is not just a value add any more – it’s absolutely necessary for beginners and long-timers alike.

SEO is undoubtedly the best method to promote Fiverr gigs. If done right, it can get your gig featured on the top page of Fiverr search results for highly relevant keywords.

For example, if you plan to sell content writing gigs to American real estate clients, your primary keywords will be – Content Writing and American Real Estate. When a potential buyer types those keywords in the Fiverr search bar, Fiverr looks for gigs that have those exact words and in that order. It must provide relevant results or else the buyer may leave the platform and Fiverr loses commission money.

But if your gig matches the requirement, the algorithm ranks you at the top due to relevancy. And if your gig looks enticing, it will get a lot of clicks. Plus, if you sell your proposition well, you may end up getting more orders than you can handle.

Through SEO, you do not have to pay for promotions, Fiverr does it for you!

Alright, now that we have set the ground rules, let’s create a Fiverr gig.

3. Setup a new gig.

The first step to creating a new gig on Fiverr is setting your profile to Seller mode. In the image below, look for the Switch to Buying text. If it were to be Switch to Selling, click on it to get into the right mode.

how to create a fiverr gig

Next, click on Gigs.

Before you click on the Create A New Gig button, take a look at the Get Briefs and Accepting Custom Orders toggle buttons.

The Get Briefs button will help you set a minimum rate for your active gigs – if you have any. Based on that, Fiverr will serve you to relevant buyers with a higher probability to click on your gigs. The Accepting Custom Offers button will indicate to buyers that your services are customizable. Consider using both options.

Alright, now click on the Create a new gig button.

4. Give a detailed overview of your gig.

The first screen of the gig creation wizard lets you add the gig title, select the gig category, and other metadata. You must make some important decisions here and use strategic keywords to create a Fiverr gig that gets traction.

Let’s take a deep dive into that.

how to create a fiverr gig
  1. Write the perfect gig title.

Getting the Fiverr gig title right will get you more visibility on the search results page and a higher click-through rate. After your gig images, your title is the first thing that buyers notice.

The gig title must have the perfect mix of keywords and emotional words. The right keywords will get you to rank while emotional words will compel the buyers to click on your gig.

Here’s an example for a content writing gig: I will write a killer blog post for you on American Real Estate. Through this title, the Fiverr algorithm knows that your gig circles around content writing for real estate clients from America under the blogging sub-category. Also, the words like Killer and You are emotional words that get the clicks.

  1. Pick a suitable gig category.

You are probably sure of your primary gig category by now. But if not, be very careful while choosing the niche for your Fiverr business

You must pick a category that has substantial search volume, but at the same time has low competition. The only way to do that is by being very specific within your category and subcategory.

For example, for the content writing category, articles and blog writing is the subcategory. But even that later is a highly competitive niche.

You need to get even more specific, be it in terms of buyer geography or industry. The gig title example that we used earlier –  I will write a killer blog post for you on American Real Estate – captures both perfectly. 

Analyze the skills you’re good at and emulate the above example while choosing your gig category.

  1. Fill the gig metadata.

Fiverr needs to offer accurate information to buyers through each gig. The more questions a gig answers, the faster the decision-making process for buyers and the more money Fiverr makes.

So Fiverr invests a lot in research, it’s constantly in a bid to improve the experience for buyers and answer more questions instantly. Based on the outcomes of that research, Fiverr created the gig metadata widget.

It appears only after you enter the Fiverr gig category and sub-category, and captures more gig details.

The below image shows the widget for a Content Writing gig. For other gig categories, the widget will look different. You can see how deep it goes into getting accurate data for buyers’ consumption.

how to create a professional gig on fiverr
  1. Pick the right search tags

Fiverr search tags are the keywords that you want buyers to type into the search bar to find your gig. They indicate to the Fiverr algorithm which service you sell and what buyers you want your gigs shown to.

Using the right keywords is quintessential while filling the search tags section. Fiverr allows up to 5 tags. 

Let’s go back to our gig title example – I will write a killer blog post for you on American Real Estate.

For this title, the perfect search tags are – blog writing, real estate, American, writer, best. They capture the essence of the gig, indicate buyer geography, and include supporting keywords like best which buyers tend to type into the search bar.

We have filled in all the details under the Overview screen now. Click on Save and Continue to move to the Pricing section.

So if someone keys in – best real estate blogs, you stand a better chance to be served on the first page of the search results page. That’s the magic of SEO.

5. Be strategic with your Fiverr gig pricing.

The key concept of Fiverr was to connect buyers with sellers with a minimum ticket price of $5. Even though the economy has changed ever since the minimum value stays the same to justify the name of the marketplace.

Still, setting the right price for your gig is like a game of Chess – you need to analyze the market situation, competition, and generic ticket value of the category before deciding on a price. In fact, getting pricing right is an essential step to getting your first order on Fiverr.

Even though the best practice is to start selling at $5, especially for beginner sellers, you can choose to sell fewer services at that price tag. But Fiverr gig pricing is more complex than that.


Let’s explore with screenshots of the Scope & Pricing interface.

1. Sell your gig in packages

Fiverr allows you to sell your services under 3 packages – Basic, Standard, and Premium. You can, and must assign unique names for each package to make them catchy.

The same applies to the package description too. In this text box, you get 100 characters to describe your offering.

You can also include keywords in package name and description but you must focus more on making them marketable.

how to create a professional fiverr gig

Next, mention how long it will take to deliver the order. Your basic package will cover less ground so you can deliver it faster. Aim to arrange the basic package in a way that you can deliver it within hours. That way, you can offer 1-day delivery to get buyers’ attention.

You will also find information fields that are specific to gig categories before you reach the pricing stage.

2. How to price a Fiverr gig?

You must price your gig packages based on these 4 factors:

  1. How competitive your niche is

Ideally, as a beginner, you should not enter niches that are super competitive. There are many seasoned sellers in that space – you will find it hard to get orders organically.

But even low-competition gig categories can be saturated with sellers. In that case, you have to sell more services at the basic $5 price to establish a foothold in the marketplace and get some positive reviews.

It’s prudent to keep the price for Standard and Premium gig categories low too. Now that Fiverr allows pricing only in multiples of $5, start by pricing more expensive packages at $10 and $15 till the time you establish your presence.

  1. Your experience level on Fiverr

You may have decades of experience in your gig category but unless you are joining the platform as a Fiverr pro, you are treated by the Fiverr algorithm as an absolute beginner.

But as you do good work, get more orders and positive reviews, you grow in levels and have enough clout to charge more for the same services.

  1. Availability of a portfolio

No matter what gig category you serve, it helps to have a portfolio outside the marketplace. It shows clients that you are an experienced seller who can deliver quality work.

You can charge higher for your outside Fiverr experience.

  1. Alignment of your geography with your gig category

Even if you are super-skilled, you are not immune to human bias. At times you will find it hard to charge in accordance with your skillset because your buyers do not trust your ability because of where you are from.

For example, content writers from a non-English speaking nation might find it hard to sell their gigs at deserving rates because of natural apprehensions that buyers have.

how to create a professional gig on Fiverr

3. Add Gig Extra (if you choose to)

Gig extra is an add-on that you can charge extra for. This feature lets you sell any additional service along with your primary gig at an extra cost. It’s a cool way to upsell your services.

For example, if you sell content writing gigs, you can sell a featured image as a gig extra.

create fiverr gig

6. Write the perfect gig description.

Gig description is the section of the gig that allows for the longest text length. You have 1200 characters to explain your services in detail.

Expand on your value proposition while using the important keyword strategically. You must embolden and highlight phrases that have the potential to imprint an impression on your buyers.

Speak about your experience relevant to the gig and why you are the best choice to place an order with.

Structure your gig description in a marketing funnel pattern – gradually build the interest of your buyers towards the end of the description and close it with a Call to Action (CTA). For example, place an order now or inbox me today are good CTAs.

7. Answer questions under the gig FAQ section.

You can use the FAQ section to answer some common questions you expect your buyers to have. Fiverr offers 300 characters to give a direct answer to each question.

create professional gig fiverr

Even though this section is mainly to improve conversion rate, you can also increase the click-through rate by adding keywords in the text.

As you gain experience on Fiverr, you will have a good list of FAQs but add a few even in the beginning based on assumptions. You can add 10 FAQs per gig.

8. Ask questions that will help you serve better.

Beginner Fiverr sellers are often too eager to get orders. In that bid, they often pick up any order they get. But that leads to low-quality delivery and poor reviews that negatively impact future orders.

At times, buyers can be unreasonable and demand more than what they pay. It’s essential that you set expectations crystal clear with buyers and step out of the deal if that doesn’t work for you.

how to create a professional gig on Fiverr

You can set the record straight by asking the right answers and taking up the order only when you have everything you need. Fiverr lets you accept in the form of Free text, Multiple choice answers, and attachments. Use what works best for you.

On every Fiverr gig, you can add up to three images, one video, and two PDF documents to enhance its clickability and offer more information to the buyers.

Most buyers click on your gig only if they like your images. You can create customized images through Canva. This tool offers hundreds of templates to choose from – each of which can be modified as per your needs.

Your images should include your photo along with text with keywords that buyers might use. Fiverr can’t identify text within images but your readers can.

Images can also include the best reviews you got on Fiverr or elsewhere. It will add more social proofing to your services.

Fiverr gig image free template
how to create a professional fiverr gig
how to create a professional gig on fiverr

In addition, it’s ideal if you can shoot a simple video of you speaking, and upload it under the videos section. When you give a face to your gig, your buyers will feel more confident about hiring you. Buyers want to buy services from people they kind of know – and videos give that feeling to them.

Finally, with PDFs, you can add samples of your work if you don’t have them hosted online. Do use as many gallery pieces as you can.

10. Publish the Gig.

That’s it, folks! Hit the final publish button and your gig is ready! You have the gig URL ready to be shared across social media platforms.

how to create a fiverr gig

11. Preview your gig to make sure it looks good.

After your gig is ready, take a look at it to see how your potential buyers might see it.

Fix any errors or shortcomings you see. Also, open the gigs of your competitors on another tab and compare how you fare against them. Add anything that you see missing.

12. Go back to Upgrade the SEO title.

One last thing that you need to check after you publish your gig is the Upgrade SEO button. It helps you set an SEO title which is a metadata item that gets high visibility from the Fiverr algorithm.

creating a professional gig on fiverr

Bonus Tip: Keep optimizing your Fiverr gig

After you publish the gig, you need to give it some time and see how it performs. Fiverr often gives new gigs a fair bit of attention to see how buyers interact with them. If it does really well, it gets to rank high, otherwise, it slips.

You can check the gig performance in the gig metrics dashboard. It shows you how many impressions, clicks, orders, and cancellations those gigs got.

Every Fiverr seller, even the successful ones, sees a dip in the impressions count. It means their Fiverr gig rankings have dropped.

If you face a similar scenario, go back to your gig and compare it with what your competitors are doing better. Optimize your gig till you get your metrics on track.


How many gigs can you create?

Fiverr allows you to create up to 7 gigs. However, the gigs can not be absolutely the same. You much have considerable difference in how they are phrased and if possible, each should target a different buyer persone.


In this blog post, we covered the step-by-step process of creating a professional gig on Fiverr. By following our guidelines, you will get a constant stream of buyers.

Make sure you do your best to provide quality services to them. With time, you will get a bunch of positive reviews which is seen as a ranking signal by Fiverr. The algorithm gifts you more visibility, and thus more orders.

As you climb up the levels, increase prices, and sell more often, you make enough money to quit your day job.

In case you have questions, please put them in the comments below. We will get back to you.


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