9 Killer Tips to Write a Fiverr Gig Title that gets Clicks (With Examples)

Writing a click-worthy Fiverr gig title is essential for success in the marketplace. You could be a beginner or a long-timer, you need to squeeze out every opportunity to get maximum visits to your gig page to facilitate conversions.

Every seller follows a marketing funnel approach for their Fiverr business. It’s split into 3 parts.

  1. Promote your Fiverr gig to get it in front of a relevant audience.
  2. Design quality images for the gig gallery and write an enticing Fiverr gig title because those two factors help people decide if they want to click on it.
  3. Clearly state the value proposition and display your skills on your Fiverr gig landing page to drive conversions.

In this blog post, we will deal with the second part of the funnel. When people see your gig, they need to first find it attractive, and then helpful. Your images (or video) and Fiverr gig titles get the most eyeballs.

Here’s an example of a sample gig. The image occupies the most surface area and thus gets maximum attention.

But after the image, people immediately read the title – you need to get it right to drive more clicks and eventually, make money on Fiverr.

Here are 9 solid tips to write a good gig title on Fiverr:

  1. Know your audience and list down their pain points
  2. Analyze your competition
  3. Address the pain points in the Fiverr gig title
  4. Research keywords and use them
  5. Use emotional and power words
  6. Be very concise
  7. Use basic English
  8. Make sure your Gig title is grammatically correct
  9. Create at least 20 title drafts before you shortlist one

1. Know your Audience

how to write title for a fiverr gig

Most Fiverr sellers jump to analyzing popular gigs to get title ideas. Even though that is a good strategy, it robs you of originality.

What makes you different if your service is exactly the same as the popular gig? And if there’s nothing different, why should a buyer pick you?

Buyer’s will buy from you only if you offer differentiation in the form of relevancy, delivery time, pricing, or customer service. Your gig title must capture your X-factor.

For that, you must first understand your buyers and the issues they commonly face – And that’s what you should analyze the competition for.

Writing Fiverr gig titles for the relevant audience

To define your audience, you must first be very specific with the gig category and the subcategory you pick. This way, you don’t just reduce competition, but also increase relevance for a specific set of buyers.

For example, if you decide on selling to buyers from a specific country, under a particular industry, your targeting becomes more precise. So a gig title that reads – write killer blog posts for your American Real Estate Business will appeal to a small but relevant segment of buyers and get more clicks.

Now compare that gig title with this one: write your blog posts. It gives no information other than the gig category. Now even if an American real estate business sees your gig, the probability of them clicking on it is quite low because they have no idea that this service is relevant to them! That’s how you lose business

After specifying your audience, now is time to…

2. Analyze Competition.

No Fiverr gig is unique. You must find successful sellers who target the same audience as yours through Fiverr search and identify what audience pain-point they solve and what their negative reviews say.

Here’s how you do that.

  1. Set Fiverr filters to select the right sellers.

You have options to filter through category, service options, seller details, budget, and delivery time. Be very specific with filters. You can also sort by relevance, belling, newest arrival to see more matching competition first.

how to write a fiverr gig title
  1. Look for sellers with a maximum of 4.9 star-ratings and minimum 20 gigs.

These sellers are successful because they are getting orders but a lack of perfect ratings indicates that they messed up here and there. Analyzing these sellers will tell you what attracts buyers and what they expect from sellers.

  1. Analyze those gigs.

Take a note of the titles that those sellers use first. Next, check the negative reviews.

The below example shows a negative review for an otherwise successful seller. On clicking on 3 Stars, Fiverr showed all reviews with that rating.

write a fiverr gig title

Apparently, this seller failed to offer services that met quality standards for the time and money it took for the buyer.

Enlist at least 20 negative reviews that impact buyer experience. You will see a pattern – a common set of pain-points.

3. Address Audience Pain-points in the Fiverr Gig Titles.

how to write a fiverr gig title

In this step, create multiple gigs and address pain-points from the previous step in each of them. For example, if you found 5 common pain-points, create 5 gigs each of which promises to fix one pain-point.

Also, align content within the gig to match the narrative of the title.

After implementing this step and accounting for the tips in the subsequent sections, once you publish the gigs, wait for a few weeks. Track each gig’s impressions count. The one with the highest number gets the most searches on Fiverr. Focus more on that gig for now.

4. Research keywords and use them in the Fiverr gig title

Up until now we showed you how to find the right pain points to get people to click on your gig. In this section, we will talk briefly on the promotion aspect of the gig.

To do that, you need to use the exact keywords that your buyers will potentially type into the Fiverr search bar. You can find the keywords by researching your competitors. 

As we mentioned in the guide to SEO for Fiverr gig, you can collect all gig titles of competitors and create a word cloud to identify the most used words. The words that occur most frequently are your primary keywords.

5. Use Emotional and Power Words in your Gig Title

People stay hooked to written text if it has a certain degree of emotion to it. Words like simple, easy, killer, etc. give a human touch which people find enticing.

Also, power words like best, solid, etc., make you sound authoritative and confident with your skills.

Use a balance of these two word categories with commonly used phrases in your Fiverr gig title. A very good tool to help you write click-worthy titles is the coschedule headline analyzer. It helps you pick the right mix of different word types and gives you a score for each title you write.

6. Be Very Concise

Fiverr allows you to use up to 80 characters but it truncates any gig title that is longer than 60 characters. Even though more words mean better opportunity to insert keywords, truncated or lengthy text will only reduce your click rate.

So after you write a Fiverr gig title draft, remove the fluff from it. Get rid of every word that doesn’t add information or value to the buyer or the sentence. Also, look for shorter synonyms for every word you use.

7. Use Basic English

writing a fiverr gig title

Fiverr is a global platform that is used by people from many different countries – not all of them speak English. Also, people even from English speaking countries prefer to read Fiverr gig titles without a dictionary.

Skip fancy words and jargon, and get straight to the point. Always remember that your job is to make it easy for buyers to book an order for you. Remove all obstacles in their decision making process.

8. Write Grammatically Correct Fiverr Gig Titles

Poor grammar is a big turn off for buyers, irrespective of the gig category. It represents lack of seriousness – if a seller can’t make something that earns them money look professional, it’s likely that their order deliveries might also be half baked.

Run your gig title through a text editor like Hemminway editor or Grammarly to fix any obvious errors.

9. Write At Least 20 Fiverr Gig Title Drafts Before Finalizing One.

The more drafts you write, the better you get at it. Keep writing drafts till you like one enough to finalize it as your gig title.

And if you like none, check out the next section.

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In this blog post, we covered 9 tips to write a Fiverr gig that works. These methods will generate a large number of clicks and conversions. We also laid down 10 Fiverr gig title ideas each for 20 popular gig categories.

But the list of examples is not complete. If you want to sell services under any other gig category that we did not cover, please put that in the comments section below. We’ll get back to you.


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