10 Ways to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

Sellers get orders on Fiverr when they solve a problem for the buyers. You need not be skilled to do that.

You can still make money on Fiverr without skills, if you can save buyers’ time or take up boring tasks.

If the buyer thinks a task is too difficult, they hire freelancers to do it. But often, seemingly tough tasks can be done quickly using a tool. As a seller, you can use that tool for fast delivery. Additionally, buyers can find typing and repetitive tasks boring. If you are willing to take those up, again, you will get business on Fiverr.

Here are some easy Fiverr gigs that need no skills and you can start earning money quickly:

  1. Removal of image background
  2. Data entry
  3. Blog commenting
  4. YouTube SEO
  5. Adding subtitles
  6. Pinterest templates
  7. Virtual assisstant
  8. Translations
  9. Image compression
  10. Writing headlines

Let’s dive deeper.

1. Removal of Image Background

Buyers often need a cutout of humans from images to be used elsewhere. For example, if they have a photo of someone sitting in a bar, the cut out fits on another image with the background of a beach party, buyers will look for people with the skill to do that.

If you get an order from them, you can simply jump to this free background removal tool to get the cut out in two clicks! Yes, it’s as simple as that.

2. Data Entry

Data entry gigs address those tasks that buyers often find boring. They can be typing jobs, copy-paste, text-alignment, etc. By no means they are easy but you just need free Microsoft tools, a lot of time and accuracy to do it quickly.

If you have access to MS Word and MS Excel, you are all set to get started.

3. Blog Commenting

Many buyers own a website or a blog and want to secure dofollow backlinks. Even though blog commenting is an outdated method to do that, some buyers still avail that service.

If you get orders under this gig subcategory, all you need to do is find websites that meet the criteria set by buyers and comment on any blog of that website with a link to your buyer’s domain.

All you need is an internet connection and a laptop – no skills.

4. YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO sounds like a task that needs an SEO expert’s services, but most experts on Fiverr add some basic keywords to the video description and the about section of the YouTube profile page.

It needs no skill, just a bit of common sense.

make money on fiverr without skills

5. Adding Subtitles

After recording a video or a webinar, buyers often want to create subtitles to the asset. They want someone to listen to everything that’s being said and create an SRT file.

But the process is much easier than that. All you need to do is upload that video on YouTube and auto-generate subtitles. In the final step, you can download the subtitle file and share that with the buyer. Depending on the video length, it might take a while, but can charge accordingly too!

6. Pinterest Templates

With the gamut of free image editing tools, it’s easier than ever to create cool Pinterest templates. All you need is a free account to Canva

This tool has presets of Pinterest templates that also align with the dimension requirements. You only need to pick a bunch of templates and customize it a little to align with the buyer’s brand colors and text requirements.

You can create up to 25 Pinterest templates in no time! It requires no special skill.

7. Virtual Assistant

People hire a virtual assistant to take care of boring and uncreative tasks. For example, website owners can hire VAs to take blog content from Google docs and publish it on WordPress. Video producers can use VAs help to publish content to YouTube with all the metadata in place.

If you have attention to detail and ability to do boring jobs with efficiency, you can succeed as a VA.

8. Translations

This one requires knowledge that you already have – your language. Fiverr is a huge marketplace where people need all kinds of services – everything sells there. There are buyers who want to avail your services in translating content from any other language to your mother tongue.

Even if the other language is new to you, you can still deliver the gig using Google translate. That free tool will give you a rough translation, you can simply smoothen it out.

9. Image Compression

With today’s cameras, the image sizes can be huge. Buyers, however, need images that take less disk space to upload on their website and need help reducing the size. It’s done through image compression.

If you take up this gig, you can compress images within a minute using compressjpeg. This free tool reduces the size of JPEG images with minimal impact on quality. If you get images in PNG format, you can use compresspng or convert the image into JPEG format using this tool before using compressjpeg.

10. Writing Headlines

Content creators need headlines. Be it bloggers, YouTubers, Tik Tokers or anyone else, they need the services of sellers who can write catchy one liners.

You can easily and quickly write headlines using the Coschedule headline analyzer tool. This tool is not completely free but it does the job for free by withholding some features for unpaid users.

It gives a score on a scale of 100 and suggests how to write a better headline by using emotion words or power words.

You can package this order as 10 headlines for $5 and start selling.

Challenges with selling Fiverr gigs that require zero skills

  1. You have to take up mundane tasks that may bore you.
  2. There is immense competition for such gigs as everyone can do it.
  3. Buyer retention is usually low because they have so many choices
  4. It becomes difficult to raise prices because buyers will get the same service for the minimum $5 tag


Is it possible to make a revenue on Fiverr without skill?

Yes, you can earn an income on Fiverr without any skills by taking up tasks that buyers do not want to do themselves. If you take away effort from buyers by taking up boring repetitive tasks, you can earn a steady revenue.


how to make money of fiverr without skills

You can absolutely start earning on Fiverr without any skills if you can solve a pressing problem of the buyers. In this blog post, we shared 10 gigs that do not need professional skills to succeed. These gigs, however, need your time and free resources.

But always remember, you get paid more for your skill because fewer people have it. There will always be folks wanting to do data entry, but those who are skilled with Excel are lesser. Start small to get your first order on Fiverr, but graduate to high skill, high pay gigs.


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