Fiverr Affiliate Program Review – How to make money

Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects buyers with sellers, and charges both parties a commission from each sale. Buyers bring the money to the table, so Fiverr is constantly looking for more of them through different marketing channels – one of them being Affiliate Marketing.

Through this channel, Fiverr provides unique links to affiliates like you, that can be shared with their follower base. On every instance someone buys services from the Fiverr Marketplace by using that link, the affiliate makes money.

In summary, you, as an affiliate, get paid for finding new buyers for Fiverr.

Fiverr uses its affiliate program to provide unique links, sales metrics, support, and tools to affiliates.

In this blog post, we will share our Fiverr Affiliate Program Review and tell you exactly how you can use that knowledge to make more money.

make money with the Fiverr Affiliate Program

How to make money with the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

1. Sign up with the Fiverr Affiliate Program

To sign up with the program, head over to their registration page and fill this simple form.

sign up with the fiverr affiliate program
sign up fiverr affiliate program
sign up fiverr affiliate program

And done! None of the options you select really matters, you will go through. Also, the approval process is automated, saving time on the manual approval process.

We rate the Fiverr Affiliate Program signup process 10/10 because it’s so easy!

2. Get Accustomed to the interface.

A major drawback of this program is its interface. It’s not intuitive – forcing you to fiddle around and search for basic information on Google.

But let us make it easy for you. We will cover all the menu items and subitems and show you how to use the tools available to you.

a. Dashboard

After you login into the program, you will see the Dashboard screen.

fiverr affiliate program dashboard

You can reach the most commonly used tabs right from the home screen. However, a few options are not available for easy access – link creating deep links.

b. Marketing Tools available with the Fiverr Affiliate Program

In this tab, you will find all the assets you need to start selling Fiverr’s products and services.

fiverr affiliate program marketing tools

Fiverr offers banner images, sidebar images, videos, and eBooks that can be used to generate clicks for their landing pages. You can generate them on the All Marketing Tools tab by filling in the filters shown below.

fiverr affiliate program banners and images

These filters help you choose the right asset based on the brand that you want to promote, asset type, language your audience speaks, the Fiverr service you intend to sell, and image size. 

After adding filters, click on Show Creatives to see all assets available for use.

The image in this case is a sidebar image, 250 x 250 in size. Similarly, you can also find banner images of varying dimensions.

Once you finalize your asset, it’s time you use it to drive traffic to land pages, where the sales happen. You can do that either by hyperlinking the click URL within your blog; or by embedding the image using the HTML code that you can copy after clicking on – Get HTML Code, as shown below.

The next tab that we will discuss is the Default and Deep Links tab.

fiverr affiliate program deep link

Here, you will find default links to different product suites and payment models offered by Fiverr. We will discuss both of them in detail, later on in this article.

You can get Fiverr affiliate links and start promoting. But the beauty of Fiverr is its gigs, you might want to get affiliate links directly to them.

Here’s how to get Fiverr affiliate links for specific gigs.

fiverr affiliate program deep links

Step 1: Find your gig on Fiverr

Head over to Fiverr and select the gig for which you want to create a deep link. Copy the public URL for that gig and jump back to the Fiverr Affiliate Program screen.

Step 2: Click on LP URL and paste the gig’s link.

fiverr affiliate program deep link for a gig

Step 3: Copy URL based on your preferred payment model.

You will see the links get longer because of more UTM code added to it.

In the image below, we are selecting the CPA model of payment.

fiverr affiliate program deep link for a gig

You can use this URL to promote the specific gig or a user profile.

That’s how you create deep links in the Fiverr Affiliate Program.

The Geo Rotation Groups is another affiliate marketing tool that allows you to use Fiverrs banner images, each with text in different languages. If your audience base is multilingual, you can pick the relevant images and use them on your website.

After you select your creative, click on GET HTML CODE. You can use the code to embed the creative on your website. And your audience will see a set of rotational images on their screen when they visit your blog post.

The Gig Ads Widget lets you embed the complete offering portfolio on your website. This way, you need not specify a gig or a profile, you can share the complete collection. It will look exactly how it would look on Fiverr’s own platform.

In the below example, I have selected Video & Animation as the main category, and Unboxing Videos as the sub-category. Plus, I have set a minimum budget of $100, so that my viewers can see more expensive services and select one from them. This way, I will earn higher revenue.

fiverr affiliate program gig ads widget

On scrolling down, you can also find the commission type of your choice, a tracking code that you can use to track how your affiliate embeds performed, and other metadata.

Finally, you can click on the Embed Code CTA button to get the code and use it in your sidebars or anywhere else on your website.

The last one in Fiverr’s Affiliate toolkit is the Search Box Widget.

This tool enables you to embed the Fiverr search box on your website. Every time someone purchases a service using it, you get a commission.

This is what the search box will look like on your page:

fiverr affiliate program search box widget

The Fiverr affiliate program does allow you to customize the search box though – you can choose the search box text, box width, and between two Fiverr logos.

In terms of the variety of marketing tools, we rate the Fiverr Affiliate Program 9/10. But due to difficulty in finding the tools and deep links, we rate it 6/10 in terms of ease of use.

c. Reporting on the Fiverr Affiliate Program

The reports tab allows you to check how your affiliate links performed. It shows how many clicks your links received, how many registrations it drove, and what commissions you received.

fiverr affiliate program metrics dashboard

You can also sort or filter by brand, image size, and other dimensions shown in the below image.

fiverr affiliate program reports

The Payment and Earnings Report tab is intuitive. They show you how often you received payment from Fiverr and how much you earned over a while.

The reporting structure is fairly detailed. We rate it 8/10.

3. Find the right commission structure and products to promote

In the last section, we discussed how to find deep links to individual gigs. In this section, we will discuss how to pick the right gig or Fiverr products to sell.

How to pick the right Fiverr gig to sell through Affiliate Marketing?

You need to take a look at how much your audience trusts you. Do you get enough traction on your blog posts? Do people agree with what you say?

As a new affiliate, you will not have enough clout to sell expensive services. But that doesn’t mean you should stick with cheap gigs – find the middle ground.

This step is the most important of all. You must have an idea of what kind of gigs make a decent income and have the potential to scale. And you must pick a niche relevant to the gig category.

And here’s how you do that:

  1. Visit the Fiverr marketplace and take a look at all the categories. You will find some sub-categories that are often more expensive than others.

For example, under the SEO category, you will find gigs that sell complete SEO packages that may cross the $1000 mark, while some sell a single backlink that costs $30.

  1. Next, check how much you can make in commissions. You can check that on the Commission Plan page.

Fiverr offer two types of payment structures – 

  1. Fiverr CPA – Fiverr Cost Per Acquisition

Through this model, you get a one-time commission for each gig sale. CPA varies based on the gig category and Fiverr products, but you can expect to earn anywhere between $15-$150, per sale. You get $150 for all Pro services.

  1. Fiverr Hybrid

If you opt for this model, you get a $10 one-time commission plus 10% revenue that Fiverr earns per sale – for 12 months.

For example, if someone buys a gig worth $100 after using your affiliate link, you get a $10 commission. Plus, 10% of what Fiverr makes through that sale each month. Fiverr takes 20% of the sale price and gives you 10% of that cut. So you earn $2 every month up to 12 months, or until the seller and buyer are in business.

Choose the structure that works best for you.

In addition to gigs, Fiverr offers more products that you can choose to promote.

Here is the list of commissions you can earn by selling Fiverr products.

  1. Fiverr Learn

Fiverr online courses help sellers become better at their trade and at selling. Every time someone buys a course using your affiliate link, you get a 30% commission.

  1. Fiverr Business

Fiverr offers businesses to set up an account with them to find curated freelancers with proven credentials. For each account created through your affiliate link, you earn a one-time commission of $100 plus a 10% revenue share.

  1. Fiverr Affiliates

Fiverr Affiliates’ product helps you earn commissions for signing up affiliates to the Fiverr Affiliate Program. You get a 10% revenue share of commission they earn – for a lifetime. You can earn $1.5 – $15 on each instance.

  1. Fiverr Workspace

Fiverr workspace helps businesses automate their processes from proposal to payment. Each time you help a business sign-up to the unlimited plan of this product, you get a one-time 50% revenue share.

A monthly payment costs $24, in which case you earn $12. An annual plan costs $216 which can earn you a commission of $108.

In terms of commission structure and payment plans, we give this program a solid 9/10.

Alright, now you know which products or gigs you want to promote and also how to create deep affiliate links. But you will notice that these links are often too long and make no sense to human visitors.

Instead of a garbled alphanumeric URL, it’s ideal if you serve a clean-looking link. You can do that through a process called link cloaking. Even though you can do that manually, we recommend using a plugin called Pretty Links to do it faster and on a scale.

Your cloaked links can read – or These are the common formats. These links will get far more clicks than a link that reads –

There are many free and paid methods to promote your affiliate links. The right method will depend on your affiliate marketing niche and the platform of your choice. Here are some common methods to promote your links:

1. Promote through a blog

The best way to drive highly relevant organic traffic to your blog with Fiverr affiliate links is getting SEO right. Once you rank your website on Google, you will get consistent monthly traffic. Further on, you need to place affiliate links strategically to ensure that your audience doesn’t bounce.

2. Spread the word through Social Media

if you have a social media following you should focus on social copywriting best practices. Often, you need to build a following on Social Media before you can post your affiliate links. That’s because people need to trust the source before they can be influenced by their recommendations that require an investment.

Also, most social media channels, don’t promote posts with an outbound link. You need to include affiliate links in comments of your own posts after offering value in the main section.

3. Promote Fiverr affiliate links through newsletters

Newsletters are a powerful source of leads for any business. If someone signed up to your newsletters, it’s a strong indicator that they have a high degree of trust. Placing Fiverr affiliate links strategically will help you convert better.

4. The secret sauce

Leverage all varieties of Fiverr affiliate links. Fiverr offers affiliate links in the form of images of different sizes, deep links, blog banners etc. Place them in your content where you think the audience might want to see an image.

6. Analyze and Optimize your performance

For a successful Fiverr affiliate campaign, you will sell a mix of gigs and Fiverr products. It’s essential to check which assets performed the best so that you can sell more of those. At the same time, you must replace products that are not selling.

You can find the numbers in the metrics dashboard that we covered before. As discussed, you can filter your links based on brand, image sizes, and other parameters.

7. Ask for the Payment

fiverr affiliate program payments

Fiverr pays you upon request and only after you hit the $100 mark. 

You can submit the request from the Payment Request tab under Payments.

Payment Methods Offered by the Fiverr Affiliate Program

When you open the Account Details tab, you can choose the payment method of your choice.

You can opt for Paypal or Payoneer for payment, but only for net commissions less than $1000. Also, this program pays once every month.

fiverr affiliate program payment method

Based on ease of payment and payment terms, we rate this affiliate program a 7/10.

8. Seek Support when needed

Fiverr has a solid support system for its affiliates. It has an active affiliate community where you will find answers to the most common questions.

In addition, they have a knowledge base integrated into their platform, under the tab Affiliate User Guide.

Make sure you check these forums when you get stuck.

The Fiverr Affiliate Program Pros

  1. It’s easy to get accepted into their program – you just have to fill out a short form.
  2. Fiverr Affiliates offers a variety of commission structures, a huge collection of gigs, and other Fiverr affiliate products to grow your income.
  3. It’s a huge marketplace, you will have a lot of services to choose from and add a deep link to.
  4. It has a generous cookie duration of 1-year.

The Fiverr Affiliate Program Cons

Reivew of the Fiverr affiliate program is incomplete without mentioning the cons. Here’s where it falls short:

  1. You don’t get commissions for referring Fiverr services to people who already have a Fiverr account. So, if you write a round-up article sharing the best gigs you used, Fiverr may get sales but you won’t get a commission if the buyer is an existing user.
  2. Navigation is not intuitive but they have a decent knowledge base to guide you.
  3. They have a payment threshold of $100. Also, you can ask for a wire transfer only for amounts greater than $1000.

Fiverr Affiliate Strategy that we Recommend

fiverr affiliate program best strategy

Fiverr Affiliate Program lets you sell any gig that you choose. However, recommending individual gigs may not be the best strategy. That’s because, even with the CPA method, you get a small commission.

Also, unlike other affiliate programs, Fiverr pays only for FTBs – First Time Buyers, so your conversion rate is even lower. That’s why, you must focus only on expensive gigs, if at all.

The best way to make money from the Fiverr Affiliate Program is by selling its products like Learn, Workspace, Business, etc. That’s because, with gigs, you have a cap of $150, but with products, you get a sizable fixed amount.

Also, opt for the CPA model over the hybrid model. Why? Let us explore that with some numbers.

Suppose a gig is worth $100. With CPA, you make at least $15. But with the Hybrid model, you make $10 + $2*12 = $34.

But the catch here is, we took conservative values for CPA but best-case scenario for the Hybrid model. If the buyer withdraws from the deal in a month, you make only $12.

The RevShare value for Fiverr is too low.

Our Verdict: Is the Fiverr Affiliate Program Worth it?

Overall, Fiverr Affiliate is a great program for beginners as it comes with the powerful brand name of Fiverr that has some degree of trust with the potential buyers. This program offers you a verity of affiliate products, each with varying degrees of commission and potential revenue. It also offers courses to enable you to sell better. Fiverr affiliate is worth the effort.
Talking about the earning potential, some products can make you up to $150, but others are way too low for the effort it takes to create content for Fiverr. If you create content for visitors who are on the decision-making stage – whether to use Fiverr or not – you may score big because Fiverr pays you only for first-time buyers.


Is the Fiverr affiliate program free?

Yes, it’s completely free to join the program. Also, it does not ask you to make a minimum amount to keep your account active.

Is Fiverr affiliate legit?

Fiverr affiliate offers a good opportunity to earn a passive side income. You get a decent commission per conversion. However, the main drawback is that it provides commissions when you get new audience to the Fiverr platform.

How much money can I make as a Fiverr Affiliate?

There is no upper limit to how much you can earn. It depends on your niche, topic selection, target audience, and gigs you promote. For example, if you sell data science gigs, you make $40, but if you sell gaming gigs, you make only $25. But if you sell any Fiverr pro gigs, you make $150!

As you learned in this review of the Fiverr affiliate program, there is scope of make decent money with Fiverr. However, given than you get paid only if new users sign-up, this program is low on earning potential. For most affiliates, Fiverr affiliate doesn’t pay much. It’s not common to have a hundred link clicks and still make no sales.

But don’t worry, we have collected some awesome affiliate programs that you can join and make a good side income.

What is Fiverr affiliate?

Fiverr affiliate program is a promotion method developed by Fiverr to advertise itself to eligible buyers and sellers. Through this program, Fiverr affiliates get an opportunity to advertise the platform to their subscriber base which increases awareness for the brand.

That subscriber base can visit Fiverr and purchase gigs, courses or other collateral which makes money for Fiverr. The affiliate earns a commission of that income.

Since the affiliates want people to signup, they focus on positive aspects of the Fiverr to encourage more visits and signups – this in turn builds Fiverr’s brand image.

How to use Fiverr affiliate?

You can use Fiverr affiliate by signing up for the program, getting unique affiliate links, and promoting them to your audience. Fiverr provides unique links for their products like FTB, Fiverr Learn, Fiverr for Business, Fiverr Hybrid, etc. When someone clicks on there links and purchase any Fiverr product, you get a commission for driving the audience to the platform – that’s how you make money.

Does Fiverr have an affiliate program?

Fiverr has a rather popular program for affiliates. It has a well established commission structure, marketing collateral list, payment terms, and reporting dashboard. Many have been using Fiverr for affiliate marketing since the past few years with varying degrees of success.

How does Fiverr affiliate program work?

Fiverr affiliate program works as a promotion method for Fiverr wherein Fiverr pays people a commission for getting first-time buyers to the platform. Fiverr also pays a commission for it’s products like Fiverr Learn, Fiverr workspace, and Fiverr business.

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