Is Fiverr Worth it for hiring? (Fiverr Review)

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers trade services for money. Many buyers and sellers transact daily while Fiverr takes a commission out of each deal. It’s a nice business model for Fiverr but is the platform useful for you? Let’s evaluate.

I experienced Fiverr to the fullest, I have been a buyer and a seller both. It has put me in a position to analyze how both sides think and approach the trade. In this blog post, I will explain the nitty-gritties of the platform from a buyer’s perspective. I will also shed some light on Fiverr freelancers’ mindset for you to understand what to expect from them. We will also discuss some pitfalls and how to avoid them. Ready?

Let’s get started.

Pros of Hiring from Fiverr

1. Fiverr is cheap

You can get anything done for $5! The minimum price of a gig hasn’t changed since Fiverr’s inception – probably to keep up with the brand name. This means, be it getting a blog written, designing a T-shirt, or even getting an MP3 of Christmas carols – you can get it in $5.

2. It has an easy to use interface

Fiverr makes it intuitive to use its services. It’s super-easy to find the exact service you look for and hire the right freelancer on Fiverr. All you gotta do is apply the right filters in Fiverr search and start shortlisting sellers based on their profiles. 

You can also communicate with freelancers seamlessly, review their work, and release payments only after you are satisfied. Additionally, you can pay easily using any sort of payment method.

3. Fiverr puts all the power in your hands

Fiverr holds its buyers in high regard. When it comes to buyers vs freelancers, buyers get the upper hand as they bring money to the table.

4. It charges a reasonable commission

Fiverr charges 5.5% of the deal amount. For instance, if you and the freelancer agree for a $100 transaction, you must page $5.5. However, if the deal amount is less than $50, you get charged $2 extra. It’s a reasonable commission compared to what Fiverr charges buyers (a whopping 20%)

5. You are spoiled for choice

Fiverr has so many freelancers from many different countries that you are sure to find the one that works for you. Even if you want to try out a cheap service from a freelancer from the third world, the opportunity cost is not too high.

You would be chased by many freelancers once you submit a buyer request. You are bound to get hundreds of proposals from sellers across the spectrum and you can hire anyone!

6. Fiverr gives you enough proof around freelancers

For every freelancer, you get to read reviews, access their profile, checkout their certification courses, and so much more! You have access to all the information you need to shortlist or reject a candidate.

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Cons of Hiring from Fiverr

1. Only a few Fiverr sellers are legit

Sure many sellers invest a lot in honing their skills, improving communication skills, earning Fiverr badges, and more. But a much bigger lot is there to earn without any legit skills. Many freelancers do not care about quality of service – both in terms of the actual services and peripheral factors like meeting deadlines, customer service, etc.

Even though you are spoilt for choice, it’s quite difficult to shortlist someone on Fiverr. It takes effort and time to separate gold from dust.

2. Spam is prevalent on Fiverr

Fiverr spam exists in many forms. Many sellers, in order to boost their gig rankings artificially, buy their own reviews with fake IDs. Or they have their friends buy those gigs. The fact stays that the more they sell the faster their Fiverr level increases, and the more they can charge buyers.

Another form of spam exists in the names of the seller. Many sellers from the third world may have fake western names to get more buyers from first tier nations.

To make sure that the reviews are legit, it’s advised that you go to the seller’s profile and check out reviews as shown in the below image.

is hiring on fiverr worth it

In the next step, copy the buyer’s Fiverr profile name and append next to For example, for buyer – cesaraguirre733, this would be the profile URL –

is hiring on fiverr worth it

This buyer has only one review and that is from the seller who’s example we took in the previous image. This might be a fake buyer. Repeat this process for at least 5 buyers to be sure if the seller is a scammer.

3. It’s hard to get good quality services

Fiverr is cheap and that’s what your deliveries will be too. You get what you pay for. Often, you may need to send back for review one too many times before finally deciding that you can do a better job yourself.

A lot of sellers on Fiverr are there to build some sort of portfolio. They want to get orders fast for gig categories that they are not skilled at and that’s why they quote low fees. Also, the more order they get, the faster they get to the next Fiverr level.

The combination of all these factors means that most sellers are not focussed on customer service. This results in low quality deliveries. Having said that, many sellers do try to impress buyers to get repeat orders, but there are only a few of them.

Final Verdict

Buying services on Fiverr is worth it only if you are willing to invest time in selecting the right freelancers or putting effort in revising their work. Also, if you are in a chain system where you can purchase services on Fiverr for cheap and sell it at a higher price elsewhere, Fiverr might be a great option. Even in that case, however, you might need to include steps for quality check.

Hope this blog post helped you make a decision on if you want to invest your time on Fiverr for hiring freelancers.

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments section.

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