Made Easy: Link Building campaign for your website

link building campaign

Link building is an essential step in ranking your website on the first page of Google.

Google needs to ensure that your website is clean and offers great value. When you get a backlink from a website of repute, Google algorithm develops trust in your website.

Putting right keywords will only take your ranking so far. But, link building will add the Nitro boost your website needs in order to speed up the ranking process.

Do you have an effective link building strategy? If not, follow these steps to create one:

Choose a niche

Imagine you are in the business Guitar lessons for kids – look for website that are pertinent to music but aren’t your direct competitors. For instance, look for a website that offers piano lessons, or maybe a music studio website. 

Typically, you would want to reach out to websites that are not for same business as yours but are highly related.

Once you pick a bunch of website, do check if they have the kind of audience that you would like to reach. After that, you are ready for the next step.

Check Domain Authority

Websites have an assigned domain authority (DA), also known as link juice. Higher the DA, more you want a backlink from that website.

Getting a backlink from a website with DA 60 and above will give you more benefit than a backlink from a website with DA 25. From your list of websites from Step 1, find those websites that have a good domain authority.

You want to reach out to all of them offering something in return, like a backlink from your website, or featuring them on a collaboration etc.

Write Guest posts

Many websites need great quality content to feature on their website. More informative and engaging the post is, longer people stay on their website and higher the value Google places on them.

When you tell them that you can provide a well-researched post in return of a backlink, they may well be excited to take it. If a website has a high DA, it’s imperative that you are competing with a lot of Guitar tutors. Don’t lose hope, you’ll get some good backlinks if you keep trying.

Those websites usually have a standard format of accepting backlink requests. Make sure you follow them. While waiting for approval, work on that highly informative post. Create amazing content so that people would want you to keep coming back with more.

Create Infographics

As per venngageinfographic is a collection of imagery, charts, and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic.

Infographic is a highly effective way to generate backlinks as it’s an easy to digest form of data. Website owners love to have visual content that is not just well designed; but also highly informative for the visitors.

You can create infographics by hiring a designed on freelance websites like fiverr. Or you can design one yourself on websites like Canva.

No-follow link building

No follow links are those back links that do not provide any value in terms of providing link juice. You may wonder why even have those links if they don’t add SEO value.

Here’s why.

Great quality websites like Medium, get millions of visitors every week. A few of them would have something related to topic pertinent to your business. If you use the right hashtag that they are following, you will get a lot of eye-balls for your content.

A good chunk of your readers may come to your website if they find your content of value. They may subscribe to your newsletter or even choose to call you for business.

In addition, you needn’t put too much effort into creating new content for medium. You can pick the same post you wrote in past for submitting on Medium. Just ensure you don’t use duplicate content on two pages of your own website.

Focus on adding value

No link building campaign is sustainable without quality content. Website owners will not link to your content just because you asked. They will link only if they feel their audience will find it of value, or if they doubt the authenticity of your content.

They will link to you only if it talks about a topic that hasn’t been covered by them already. If your approach is always to add value, everything else will fall in place.

In the end, link building is also a game of chances, you hit some, you lose some. In the words of Steve Jobs, keep trying, do not quit.


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