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When it comes to our SEO services, we leave nothing for guesswork. Thus, we have explain everything we do in great detail. If you are short on time, please click on any link below for a quick read. It takes you to the section of your interest. However, we recommend a full read of the content.

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Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

Google Ads is one way to get online leads. However, there is another cost effective way to be visible on Google – Search Engine Optimization of website. Or simply SEO. Here are some benefits of SEO.

DigiGrow is an SEO services company in India. Our purpose is to help small businesses rank on first page of Google. We understand the SEO budget constraints that small businesses have. As a solution, DigiGrow has done a lot of research on making this service viable for them. Thus, we provide the most affordable SEO packages compared to the best SEO companies in India.

Affordable, not cheap.

Thus, we ensure best quality SEO services. In addition, we ensure complete transparency and utmost reliabilityWe are the only SEO Company in India with Money Back Guarantee. Truly, we are THAT confident in what we do. We value your investment in our SEO services, we would never let it go waste.

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Local SEO Services

local seo services in bangalore
Local SEO services for small businesses

Many businesses serve the audience located in a particular location. For instance, most of the people searching for a fancy hair salon, type this phrase into Google – “Fancy hair salon near me”. Google usually shows businesses within 8 Km radius.

Now, if a hair salon has not set-up it’s Google Listing, also known as Google My Business (GMB), they will not appear on the Google maps results shown below. That business would miss out a lot of clients all of whom will go to their competition. It’s not just enough to set GMB correctly, it’s essential to do it properly. However, if you are our client, you needn’t worry about any of that.

As a Local SEO Services company, we help such businesses show up on Google Map Pack. In addition, Google needs to be sure that you are located in the place when you claim to be located. As a part of our Local SEO Services package, we make sure Google is convinced of your location. 

But that’s not it.

It’s also essential to show up only for those services that the hair salon provides. This means, if someone is searching for a salon exclusive for women, the salon should not show in search results if they serve only men. Thus, Local SEO has two aspects, location and services. Our Local SEO services package ensures that your business shows up only in those search results that have potential to bring you clients.

SEO Audit

seo audit

The main purpose of SEO Audit or SEO Analysis of your website, it to find out what improvements are required to rank the page higher. As a part of our SEO Services, we provide the analysis to our clients, free of cost.

In this step, we find out what your competitor is doing better that we can implement in your website. We find out if there are any broken links or design issues that may be hindering your ranking or user experience. 

In addition, we find out which website are sharing your content by linking one of your pages on their website. If you have poor quality backlinks to your page, Google penalizes you by dropping your ranking. 

Among other aspects, we also measure if your website is optimized for conversion of visitors into leads.

Keyword Research

keyword research

A Keyword is the set of words your potential clients types in Google search bar to see your website. For instance, if you are a Music Studio owner in Bangalore, one of the keywords for which your website will appear could be – “Music Studio in Bangalore” or “Dubbing services in Bangalore”.

We find out which keywords your potential leads are typing into Google. In addition, we figure out which keywords your competitors are ranking for. We use their keywords to outrank them. Next, we finalize a list of keywords your website would rank for.

You could be in any industry, our SEO services will provide your website higher ranking. As a result, you get higher visibility on Google. Thus, more leads for your business!

As an SEO services company, out aim is to provide you better Return on Investment compared to ads and higher client acquisition and retention. Contact us here to get best returns from SEO.

Competition Analysis

seo competitor analysis

Presently, your website might already be showing on Google for some keywords. In this step, we identify those keywords. And also, what position your website holds on Google, for that keyword.

In any business, some keywords are of high value. Thus, they are high competition keywords. What that means? Most of your competitors are trying to rank for that keyword. For instance, if you are own a Real Estate Agency in Bangalore, in that case, “Real Estate Agency in Bangalore” would be a highly competitive keyword.

DigiGrow finds out the keyword your competitor is targeting. We also find how successful they are in their SEO Optimization for those keywords. As a result, this analysis ensure you are one step ahead always.

We also figure out where your competition is getting backlinks from. The aim is to beat them at their own game.

On-Page SEO Services

on-page seo

Now, let’s jump onto your website and put in keywords there. This will put your website on Google’s radar. Soon, the website would climb a few ranks.

In addition, the website might need some changes in the back-end. Our SEO Specialist will inform you about these changes. Be assured, you are always in charge as you are the website owner. 

Also, the longer your website takes to load, more leads will leave your website before it loads. Thus, as a part of our SEO services, we will optimize your website speed.

Next, our SEO consultant will check for broken links and fix them. We will also ensure robust internal linking. In addition, we will create a sitemap for your website, setup Google Analytics and submit your JSON schema. Indeed, it’s a little technical but we will explain it when we get in touch.

Off-Page SEO Services

off page seo

When it comes to SEO, we need to optimize a few aspects which are not a part of your website. First, our SEO professional will start with building citations. This is to convince Google that your business is located where you mention. We ensure your citations are NAP consistent.

Next, we work on creating your Google My Business Profile. This is to ensure that your business is visible on Google Map Pack, and Google knows your main services. This is essential as Google shows your business to clients only if it’s sure you’re in a particular location providing that service.

Simultaneously, we work on creating backlinks for your website. Backlinks are basically those links to your website that appear on another website. They are required to tell Google that other websites trust your content.

As a part of our SEO services, we manage all aspects that will improve your ranking, even off-page. Click here to get started with us.

Client Reporting

Remember we added Google Analytics to our website in On-Page optimization? That will help us gather details on where the leads are finding us. It will help us figure out which keywords have generated traffic.

We also submitted sitemap during on-page optimization. It will show us your ranking data. In combination with other tools, our SEO consultant will build a complete picture of where your website ranks on Google.

As a part of our SEO services, we combine the above data with our efforts off-page. We tell you exactly how many backlinks and citations were generated. Our SEO professional will create a report and dashboard that we will share with you every month. Thus, you will know exactly what has been done for your website over the month.

The intention is to make sure that you are aware of where your resources are invested.

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