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SEO for Music Studio: Lead Generation

Google is the go to place for anyone looking for any business. This is applicable especially to music studios. Most of your audience is young and capable of using technology. They can search you not just on Google search but also Google maps and YouTube – only if you make yourself visible there. Be it meeting clients online or in person, you first need to be found by potential clients. If not, your competitors will snatch them away from you and there goes your business. At DigiGrow, our Music-Producer-cum-SEO-Specialist will help you to not only get new clients but also snatch your competitor’s.

We do that by getting your music website on the first page of Google. Given enough time and patience, we can get it on the first rank for the city your are based in. Today, you probably already leverage Google Ads. However, since your business thrives on trust and returning customers, you need to build a brand name. SEO can help build that. In fact, there are many more points where SEO scores above Paid advertising.

Higher you are on Google, more visible you are. Thus, you get more leads without having to invest in Ads! SEO gives pretty high Return on Investment.

SEO for Music Studio: Why choose us?

Expertise and Relevance

Any SEO specialist would ideally go by a check list. In that aspect, DigiGrow is not that different, we will follow an SEO workflow for you. However, it is very essential for the specialist to know the business they are working for. For instance, none of our team members are good at businesses related to Indian Penal Code, thus we do not offer SEO services for law firms or lawyers.

However, we have a SEO Analyst who has been a music producer for over 7 years now. He has worked on multiple DAWs and is a very capable rapper. He knows all the terminologies of Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Scales, Chords, you name it. Creating written content that is optimized for search engines (SEO) is an important aspect of any SEO strategy. Our SEO specialist will be creating website blogs, guest blogs, citation and lot of other content. Bear in mind, your website needs all that to prove search engines that you provide top quality services at the location that you specify.

He will also optimize your website with the Google search phrases that your clients might be putting into Google. For instance, if you are a Music Studio in Gotham city, your client may type this search phrase in Google – Audio recording studio in Gotham or guitar classes in Gotham, or logic pro x course in Gotham. In such a case, you want to be the first Google result they see. As per this report, 28.5% people who search anything click on the first result! It decreases as we go down on the Google search page. Thus, you want to be there in the top 3 results. Our SEO specialist will get you there. In addition, he has already generated leads for music studios through website design, SEO, and Social Media marketing. This campaign resulted in 25x RoI.

Reliability and Results

SEO, just like Music Studio, is a business that thrives on trust and results. At DigiGrow, we want to promote transparency. That’s the only way our clients will stay in business with us. To have your confidence, we have designed a system where you get to know where your money is invested to the buck. In addition, you will get to know how we are investing time to optimize your website. Meaning, you get to know what activity is being carried out on any day of month.

We also provide detailed reports on how much traffic your website has received and how many people clicked on your links. This report is made available on the 1st of every month, even if it’s a holiday. Also, we invite you to connect with us once every two weeks. However, you get to decide the frequency of our meetings.

Be assured, we will provide you all the information in a simplified manner – no jargon or technical terms. Finally, we acknowledge the fact that it is your website. You have complete control. Any changes we need to make shall be informed to you in advance.

Money back guarantee

SEO is a marathon, not a race. It takes it’s sweet time but the results it delivers have longevity. We do not promise that your website will rank the day you hire us as it ideally takes 90 days for substantial results to show. However, it may take lesser time depending on many factors most of which are under our control. Just like human beings, it takes time for Google to trust a website. That’s how it is.

We haven’t promised anything till now other than 100% commitment and transparency. But here’s what we promise – 

If we can't deliver results in 90 days, we return your money.

Here, results are the set of goals you and we agree in our introductory call. If we can’t meet those goals, then we let you walk away with your money if you choose to. Be assured, no other SEO studio promises this. But we are very confident in our skills and value a result-based business for utmost customer satisfaction.

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