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Namaskara Bengaluru. We are an a bunch of SEO Expert in Bangalore with the aim of providing great value to small businesses based in our home city through our SEO services in Bangalore.

Based in Banashankari, DigiGrow provides SEO services to businesses across all industries located in Bangalore. From Whitefield to Yeshwantpur, from Thanisandra to the Electronic City, we provide top class services in Bangalore.

You may find us having dosa at Vidyarthi Bhavan, beer somewhere in Koramangala or Kaapi in Taaza Thindi. Yumm!

While we enjoy food, we also get a kick out of optimizing websites for Search Engines. We enjoy seeing your business grow through our SEO services. Our aim is to make our clients become a brand to reckon with.

Imagine what would happen if you rank on first page of Google! What if you show up among top 3 in Google Maps? We’re curious what you would do with so many relevant leads that convert into clients.

Exciting? Here’s a bit more about what our SEO Expert in Bangalore can do for you.

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Why choose DigiGrow's SEO Expert in Bangalore?

Our services are not to rank your website higher up on Google. Surprised? Well, don’t be, your ranking higher on Google is simply the result of our efforts. At Digigrow, we aim to provide top quality content and information to your clients. When we do that, Google takes notice and assumes your website is of very high quality.

See it this way, Google is in business to make money. Thus, it would want it’s own client – people surfing the web – to find exactly what they are looking for. When you provide the exact services that someone is looking for, then Google rewards you by ranking higher 1st! Why that is important? Here’s why –

You become a brand

seo expert in bangalore brand

 Assume you own a furniture store in Banaswadi.

You client, lets name him Akash, who lives in Banaswadi, wants to buy a dining table. He types into Google search box, “Furniture store near me” or Furniture store in Banaswadi”. Google pulls up a few pages.

Akash sees a few links but gets diverted. He needs to receive a call from work. However, after a while he looks up on Google again and sees the same results.

Now, which link, you think, would he click on? As per SEJ25% of people click on the very first link that’s not an Ad! Also, 98% of people never go to the second page.

Thus, there’s a very good chance that Akash will click on the first link, if not, he’ll click on the 2nd or the 3rd one because he has seen them before and has developed trust.

The top 3 links develop brand identity as they are always on the first page of Google. Our SEO services in Bangalore are geared to get you there.

Another place where Akash may find businesses is Google Maps section of Search Results Page of Google. Usually, Google shows 3 places on that section, if you get there, you secure another slot on Google’s first page. Isn’t that amazing!

Our SEO Expert in Bangalore will help you properly develop your Google My Business listing, which will get you on Maps. Also, you will get a free website from Google through the listing, that website can also be ranked on Google again.

Our Expert SEO services in Bangalore are sure to make you a brand your clients trust. This will result in happy clients who keep coming back for more and refer you to other clients. How does that sound?

Get more client calls

seo expert in bangalore lead generation

To get you among the top 3 on Google. Our SEO expert in Bangalore is going to optimize your website with the words that your potential clients putting in Google.

For instance, if you own a cricket training business, we are going to set up your website to represent exactly what your future customers are looking for.

It’s called Keyword Optimization. Our SEO services in Bangalore have keyword optimization as a very important step in the workflow. This step ensures that your website or Google Maps listing appears only when it’s relevant to the person searching for it.

That means you’ll get a stream of very relevant, highly qualified leads who are actively seeking your services.

These leads may reach out to you through phone calls, WhatsApp, Social Media messages or any other medium. Our SEO Expert will set it all up for you.

All you need to do is convert them. Even that becomes easier because you are a brand now, so any client would trust you more than your competitors.

Our SEO Services in Bangalore - Basic Package

SEO for each business is different. However, there’s are a few things that are common for all. Our SEO expert in Bangalore will take care of below activities –

  • SEO Audit
  • Local SEO Services
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Google My Business Listing
  • Setting up Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for your website
  • Generating Weekly and Monthly reports

SEO Expert in Bangalore FAQs

When it comes to SEO Services, every project is unique. There are many moving pieces like website age, what are the current rankings, how tough the keywords are and much more. We shall discuss about the price after our SEO Expert in Bangalore has audited your website. Post that, we shall tell you what your competitors are doing better than you.

Register for a Free SEO Analysis of website today.

We highly encourage you to consider SEO services in Bangalore as an investment, not an expenditure. The return on you investment would be very high! However, we understand the anxiety in putting money into something you can’t see. To make the process more clear and transparent, we shall provide you with a chart that shows what activity shall be performed on which day of the month, and how long it would take.

You will know exactly where your money is being spent. We can get on a call whenever you want. However, you will get a detailed report on the 1st day of every month.

We will surely try. However, if your competition has been availing SEO Services in Bangalore for a while, it might take a while to bring your ranking up. A good benchmark would be 90 days. Our SEO Expert will provide you visible results within 60 days but getting on first page or first rank would take at least 90 days.

With fairly good certainty, we can claim we will get you on among top 3 in 90-120 days.

In 90 days, you would get an idea of how our SEO Expert in Bangalore works. If you didn’t rank even within 90 days, it means the competition is very tough. However, we are quite certain that we will rank you for less competitive keywords and you will see increase in traffic, guaranteed.

However, if you are not happy with our services after 90 days, you get your money back. No questions asked. We won’t charge you for promises we didn’t fulfill.

At DigiGrow, our SEO expert in Bangalore is result oriented. We trust only in data and thus ensure we have all the numbers and proofs. Google provides a tool called Google Analytics that tracks everything your visitors do on your website. It captures details like how many people visited, how long they stayed and what they did.

We will provide you a monthly report that captures all the above details, you can see your traffic increase over time, month after month.

There are many ways you can reach us. You can –

  1. Fill this form that takes details of your website. We will do a free SEO audit of your website and contact you by phone or E-Mail.
  2. Call us on this number – +91 7676001710
  3. Mail us on this Email ID –
  4. Send us a message on WhatsApp by clicking here.