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Free SEO Audit

At DigiGrow, we gather some basic information to get you started with us. This information is meant to give us an understanding of how your website is performing currently. It also tells us where we need to focus our attention if you hire us. Be assured, we never use your information for any reason other than SEO. Also, we won’t spam you, even if you don’t want to leverage our services.

Advantages of a Free SEO Analysis

  1. It determines where your website is lagging in terms of SEO. This will help you, or DigiGrow to identify where we need to put efforts to fix website ranking. It could be keyword, number of backlinks, citations or any minute aspect that may show up only on a closer look.
  2. It helps us identify which aspects are negatively impacting your ranking. We can then go ahead and modify and remove those practices or factors. For example, your website may be over-optimized for keywords or is linked from a low-quality website.
  3. It helps you identify what your competitors are doing better than you. We can then simply adopt their good points and rank higher than them.
  4. It costs you nothing. With DigiGrow, you get all above mentioned advantages at zero cost! How does that sound?

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