Decibel Studios

Massive RoI – Generating leads with social media promotions and webinars

When the revenue has stagnated to existing customers, Decibel Studios acquired a new revenue stream. It was powered by social media marketing and a free webinar tool – Zoom – to generate quality leads and more business. The situation was exacerbated by lockdowns.

Business Challenge

As Decibel Studios had diminishing revenue from returning clients, they wanted to generate more business by expanding portfolio from music recording services to offering certified music production courses. The challenge was to get new students to enroll. In addition, lockdown forced by a worldwide pandemic had almost stopped any revenue.


DigiGrow developed a marketing plan aimed at attracting the right audience for the courses. This plan included social media paid promotions and a free webinar tool – Zoom.


25 x

Return on Investment 

Total investment: Rs. 800 (11$)

Total Revenue: Rs 20,000 (267$)

3 weeks

to start a new batch


Increment in Instagram followership

Business Challenge Story

Plateau or Mountain?

The studio room kept booming of fresh music in the Decibel Studios, but all the sounds were from the same artists who were regular there. All of them! Now, returning customers are boon to every business but to have growth, one needs to be on the lookout for new clients.

But Decibel studios were getting very few and far in between. They needed a change. They decided to expand their revenue stream. How? They planned to leverage their expertise in music production and train others. Now they were no longer a Music Production Studio, but also a Music School.

But, any school needs students. Decibel did get a few from their recurrent clients. But they didn’t have enough for form a batch of 5 students. They knew Digital Marketing is the way to go but which one? SEO is slow, PPC is less effective and a little expensive in the long run.

But, there’s always social media.

Instagram is gold for any creative business. Decibel studios did use the right hashtags, but the traction came in only from their ardent clients. Barely any new ones.

Transformation Story

Time to get in the fast lane

DigiGrow identified that Instagram is the right social media platform for Decibel studios. It’s a good set-up for creative businesses. With help of a bunch of promotional flyers, Decibel studios managed to attract attendees for a free online workshop. An investment of Rs. 800 in Instagram Ads was done for two such flyers.

Results Story

We managed to get 135 registration from the promotions. The first promotion alone garnered 60 responses, 221 profile visits and 129 website visits.

Out of the 135 registrations, we had total 62 attendees on Zoom.

Towards the end, we had 2 students registering for the first batch course. In this fashion, an investment of Rs. 800 gave returns of Rs 20000.

webinar responses

Take the next step

We specialize in marketing for companies in the creative type of business, just like Decibel Studios. Not just social media marketing, we also do SEO for Music Studio. We would love to get in touch with you to discuss how we can contribute in growing your business. Call us on +917676001710